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Beautiful work by Henry Oakley!


Geometric Artwork by HJSO

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My sister got married! Sparklers!!!! #wedding

Postcards from Atlantis, 2014. 17” x 34”. 

Keegan Luttrell

This might be my favorite one ever. :) #astrology #birthchart #watercolor #painting #stars #vsco


Sur… Donde el hombre aun no ha llegado. 

Very cool sculptures by Dallas artist Kana Harada

Edward del Rosario
Contretemps I, 2009
Adornos II, 2011
Aventuras II, 2009

You must check out this guy’s instagram! Amazing daily drawings and doodles. I want them all!

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The perfect blend of art and sugar. That’s how I would describe Misspaq’s art journals and collages. Love!

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Nonsensical drawings of flies heads, faces and parts. 

What a beautiful tumblr!

Schminke! The best watercolors on the planet. I refuse to use anything else.

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